Preparing your surface before you start

Did you know it’s not only the quality and performance of the epoxy that’s important, the surface preparation is as equally important when starting your project.

Here are a few quick and easy things to consider about your surface preparation before you begin with your Compset products.

Surface must be clean

Your surface area must be free of any contamination's these include things like oil, wax, grit etc. 

Yes this also means cleaning before you begin sanding! You can clean your surface with a suitable solvent, ensuring you wipe dry the surface with an absorbent material such as a paper towel. Please ensure you follow all appropriate safety and handling procedures whilst cleaning your surface.

Make sure your surface is dry 

Once your surface is nice and clean you need to make sure it’s dry before you start. The surface can still be damp from cleaning and/or from the different environments (dampness, condensation, dew etc).

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