Compset 521 Technical Information

Compset 521 Technical Information

Our Compset 521 system is a high performance, low viscosity hand laminating epoxy system. Developed for the production of articles where thin film cure is a particular importance. 

This system exhibits significant toughness and strength for an ambient cured epoxy resin. 

Low viscosity facilitates wet-out of difficult laminates. Containing no solvent ensures low odour during application and cures to a clear finish. 

Compset 521 system has been developed to provide good mechanical properties at a cure temperature between 15°C to 35°C.

Progressive post-curing at elevated temperatures will shorten processing times and increase the toughness of the laminate. 

Compset 521 system utilises three hardener grades that covers temperature condition and thickness of the laminate. 

  • Fast Hardener 15°C - 25°C
  • Standard Hardener 20°C- 30°C
  • Slow Hardener 25°C-35°C

 Compset 5-2-1 Hardener Grades


 High humidity or sudden drops in temperature may result in condensation on the surface of the laminate causing loss of inter-laminate adhesion. 

Adhesion may be obtained by sanding the surface. If the laminate is allowed to cure for 48-72 hours at ambient temperature, the surface should be lightly sanded before further lamination. 


Mixing the Compset 521 System

The components should be mechanically mixed at medium speed ensuring that no unnecessary air is entrained. Both sides and bottom of the container should be scraped during the mixing process.


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Complete Technical Data Sheet

For addition technical information on our Compet 5-2-1 System, such as curing data.

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