Compset Adhesive 221 Gel Technical Information

Compset Adhesive 221 Gel Technical Information

Compset 221 Gel Adhesive is a two part epoxy glue designed for bonding of FRP parts, timber work and complicated composite structures. High, consistent modulusenable physical property retention over a large temperature range. Favourite choice of boat-builders and FRP designers for over 30 years.

Preparation Information:

Surfaces to be bonded free of any contaminates such as dust or oil. 

Timber, epoxy or painted surfaces should be sanded thoroughly to provide a good mechanical key.  Polyester, vinyl ester laminates should be waxed resins, fully cured then sanded to remove any residual waxes or surface inhibitions. Concrete should be at least 28 days old and free of additives, curing agents and oils.

Prepare concrete by acid etching/neutralising/washing, professional grinding or captive blast cleaning as applicable to expose firmly held aggregate. Prepare steel surfaces in according to AS 1627-2002 or appropriate international standard. If in any doubt consult qualified engineer. Apply adhesive to both surfaces.  Clamping should be firm to hold components in place during cure. Excessive clamping is to be avoided as this can lead to minimal glue line thickness 

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Complete Technical Data Sheet

For addition technical information on our C221 Gel System, such as bonding strengths and mechanical properties.

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