Compset Universal Technical Information

Compset Universal Technical Information

Our Compset 421 Universal system is a high performance infusion and laminating epoxy. The system functions with one universal epoxy resin Epopol B175, combining the three curing agent options.

  • LH86 Slow: is our hand laminating grade. Low mixed viscosity and long working time for wetting out heavyweight fabrics and complex shapes. Excellent ambient cured properties.  
  • LH85 Standard:
  • RIH43 Infusion: is designed for vacuum infusion process. Low surface tension and fast flow enable safe wet out of composite structure via capillary action. High mechanical properties can be obtained from both ambient and moderate 60°C cures. 
  • FH84 Fast: accelerating the process times for both hand laminating and infusion or solely for fast curing applications. Can be blended at any ratio with LH86 Slow or RIH43 Infusion before adding 4 parts of Compset 421 Universal system B175 Resin to 1 part of the combined hardener mixture. 

This enables one resin system to accomplish two complex shop tasks in one. 

Compset Universal High Performance System



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Complete Technical Data Sheet

For addition technical information on our Compet Universal B175 High Performance System, such as curing data.

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