surfset® Eco Technical Information

surfset® Eco Technical Information

Our surfset® Eco is a clear, optically brightened 34 % recycled BioCarbon epoxy system. Powered by Germany technology from Leuna Harze GmbH, utilizing up to 20% less carbon footprint during the production process. 

surfset® Eco BioCarbon content of 34% is produced by the reaction of recycled Bio based oils with waste salt water. With this unique process the Co2 emissions can be significantly reduced before and during manufacture, compared with fossil fuel based epoxy resin alternatives. 

Application Data:

  • Mix Ratio: 2 resin to 1 hardener by volume (100 resin to 44 hardener by weight)
  • Work Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Mixed Viscosity: 700mPas
  • Flip Time: 6-7 hours
  • Full Cure Time: 7 days 25°c 
  • Application Temperature: 10°c - 30°c

Where the application is over a dark colored substrate, or faster flip times are required we recommend the use of surfset® Flex or surfset® Pro.

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Complete Technical Data Sheet

For addition technical information on our SurfSet® Eco System , such as engineering data.

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