The Surfer's Guide: Making the Right Resin Choice

Creating your next surfboard is an exciting project! Here at Compset we have a selection of surfboard epoxy resins for you! Convenient mix ratio of 2:1 by volume making our 3L kits a perfect choice.

All our surfset® systems are produced without any solvents, making our surfboard epoxy resin safer and easier to use than others on the market.

Let’s compare our surfset® range.

surfset® Flex- is our easy to use surfboard epoxy resin system, we recommend a beginner to advance epoxy resin user for this system.

Our surfset® flex has a convenient work time of 15-30 minutes, making it great for your laminate, filler coat and finish.

surfset® Pro- is our system for those pro surfboard makers. We recommend an intermediate to advance epoxy resin user for this system. Our surfset® Pro has you covers with a combination of a high elongation, strength, toughness and an extraordinary wet out reinforcement  

You’ll have your board completed in no time like a pro with the 2.5 hour flip time.  

surfset® Eco- is our eco friendly surfboard epoxy resin system, with a high recycled bio carbon content of 34% in every drop.

Our surfset® Eco is specialised for laminations with optical brightened fluro to go over white substrates such as PU and EPS foam, curing to a hard-glossy finish.

We do recommend where the application is over a dark coloured substrate, or a faster flip time is required to select the surfset® Flex or surfset® Pro.

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