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surfset® Eco - Surfboard Epoxy Resin

surfset® Eco - Surfboard Epoxy Resin

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surfset® Eco is our sparkling, eco-friendly 30 % recycled BIOcarbon epoxy resin. Courtesy of German technology with Leuna-Harze Gmbh, it uses up to 20% fewer carbon emissions during the production process.

Specialised for laminations over white substrates such as PU and EPS foam, it cures to a hard glossy finish. High Tg's ensure our surfset® Eco boasts remarkable flexibility and bending strength, making it perfect for the production of surfboards, wave skis, kayaks and other sports laminates.

Without any harmful solvents, surfset® Eco is a much safer alternative to traditional polyester-made materials. Plus, it contains no GHS08 Health Hazard chemicals.

Conveniently available in a 3L kit size, If you're after a larger kit size please contact us today for a special quote.

Where the application is over a dark-coloured substrate or faster flip times are required, we recommend the use of surfset® Flex or surfset® Pro.

We recommend beginner to advanced epoxy resin users for this system.  

BioCarbon Content

Recycled BioCarbon content of our SurfSet Eco Surboard Epoxy System is 30%

What can I use this for?

Our Compset surfset® Eco system is your go to for your next surfboard project or wave skis, kayaks and other sporting laminates.

We recommend a beginner to advance epoxy resin users for this system.

Our Kit Sizes

surfset® Eco is available in the following kit sizes:

3L Kit includes 2L surfset® Eco Part A & 1L surfset® Eco Part B

Mix Ratio

Our surfset® Eco System mix ratio is:

2 Parts : 1 part

2 parts of surfset® Eco Part A to 1 part of surfset® Eco Part B by volume.

Technical Data

Our Safety Data Sheets for our Compset surfset® flex:

For further technical information on our surfset® Eco System, please visit our surfset® Eco Technical page by clicking here


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Trust the Experts in the Industry

Manufactured and designed right here in Australia for over 35 years. Bring your next project to life with Compset surfset® Eco, providing a safer process that eliminates the use of solvents.