Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Palm Oil

You might have read in one of our earlier posts, learning about what our Compset BioCarbon Epoxies are. We are proud that all our BioCarbon epoxies are ecologically sustainable by the production process. (If you want to catch up click here to have a read)

This special process involves using renewable raw materials that are sustainably produced from recycled plant-based materials. All our BioCarbon products do not contain palm oil - we want to reduce of carbon footprint on the planet.

What exactly is palm oil?

Palm oil is the oil from the fruit on the palm trees, which each palm tree contains hundreds of fruits. The fruit (which are about a size of an olive) are pressed for the palm oil, with each fruit containing approximately 30-35% palm oil. Each fruit has a single seed or kernel which is used to produce palm kernel oil.

You’re probably thinking palm oil comes from plants, isn’t this enough for a more sustainable, BioCarbon option for an epoxy? Not as easy as you might think, and here is why.

Why is it important not to have it in products?

Quite simply, palm oil is not sustainably sourced putting a strain on the environment.

The consequences of palm oil production ripples through our environment with deforestation, the habitat loss for endangered wildlife puts a direct risk for the endangered rhinos, tigers and orangutans. – just to name a few.

It’s not only the wildlife at risk, the pollution during the burning process (clearing) releases an extraordinary amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere contributing to global warming, the deforestation in Indonesia has made it the third largest global emitter of greenhouse gases.

Therefore, we want to reduce our impact on the planet by making smarter, more greener choices. Here at Compset we’ve developed our BioCarbon range, reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on quality.

Why you cant afford to ignore palm oil

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