What is a BioCarbon Epoxy?

Did you know that you can reduce your carbon footprint with epoxies?

Exclusively here at Compset our BioCarbon Epoxies are ecologically sustainable, through our unique green manufacturing process

But how you're wondering - great question!

Our BioCarbon epoxies are powered by German technology from Leuna Harze, who are pioneers in the industry moving to a greener, more ecologically sustainable future.

They have recently shifted towards recyclable, renewable raw materials instead of petroleum-based ones without compromising on high performance and quality epoxy resins. 


The process

The BioCarbon resin is created through a special process involving the recyclable renewable raw materials, sustainably produced from recycled plant based material.



This process has been scientifically proven (not to mention internationally approved and certified) to reduce carbon footprints through the use of recycled plant-based materials like vegetable oils and by-products of bio-diesel production. 

Meaning the production process on our BioCarbon systems are ecologically sustainable and better for the planet.


What about performance?

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on quality. Our BioCarbon epoxies are identical (if not better) with their physical and chemical properties.

Meaning they can be used for your existing projects and new projects with the ease knowing that when you make the switch to one of our BioCarbon epoxies your immediately reducing the carbon footprint.



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You're not only making a conscious choice for sustainability - you're also taking a step towards creating a greener, healthier future.

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