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Compset 521 Bio Carbon Laminating Epoxy Resin

Compset 521 Bio Carbon Laminating Epoxy Resin

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Powerful Laminating Epoxy Resin 

Are you searching for a powerful laminating epoxy system for your next venture?

Look no further than our Compset 521!  

This high-performance, low-viscosity hand-laminating epoxy system was crafted for the creation of items requiring thin film curing. With a recycled Bio Carbon content of 20%, making this an ideal choice for boating systems Australia wide.

Plus, it's proudly manufactured here in Australia and backed by 35+ years of experience.

Conveniently available in two popular kit sizes for your next venture, our 1.2 kg, 6 kg and 25 kg kits.  

If you're after a larger kit size or bulk qty's please contact us today for a special quote 

Bio Carbon Content

Recycled Bio Carbon content of our Compset 521 Laminating Epoxy is 20%

What can I use this for?

Our Compset 521 Laminating is an easy to use hand laminating system.

Great for:

  • Boating/marine
  • Composite motor parts
  • Sporting parts
  • + more

We recommend a beginner to advance epoxy resin users for this system.

Our Kit Sizes

Compset 521 System is available in the following kit sizes:

20 kg Resin: includes 1 x Compset 521 Resin 20kg & 1 x Compset 521 Hardener 4kg (our 25 kg kit)

5 kg Resin: includes 1 x Compset 521 Resin 5kg & 1 x Compset 521 Hardener 1kg (our 6 kg kit)

1 kg Resin: includes 1 x Compset 521 Resin 1kg & 1 x Compset 521 Hardener 200grams . (our 1.20 kg kit)

Please select your resin size and we will send you the matching size hardener in your selected grade.

Hardener Grades

Our Compset 521 Resin is available in the following grades:

Fast Hardener: 15 minutes (work time at 25 °C)

Standard Hardener: 25 minutes (work time at 25 °C)

Slow Hardener: 40 minutes (work time at 25°C)

Mix Ratio

Our Compset 5-2-1 System mix ratio is:

5 Parts : 1 part

5 parts of Compset 521 Resin to 1 part of Compset 521 Hardener by weight or volume.

Technical Data

Our Safety Data Sheets for our Compset 521 Laminating System

For further technical information on our Comspet 521 System, please visit our Compset 521 Technical page by clicking here.


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Backed by decades of experience

Don’t get stuck and behind the times with your epoxy products. Being on the forefront of technology having designed our own products, we know our raw materials for over 35 years.