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Compset 421 Universal Epoxy System

Compset 421 Universal Epoxy System

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High Performance Infusion and Laminating Epoxy System

Our Compset 421 Universal system is crafted to meet the demands of both infusion and laminating epoxy. With a BIOCarbon content of 12% and containing no nonreactive VOC components, our Compset 421 system is the ideal choice for high performance and sustainability. 

An ingenious one resin system uses four curing agent options to unlock the potential of two complex shop tasks; vacuum infusion and hand laminating. 

Manufactured in Australia with over 35 years of experience, this robust system ensures every project, no matter the size, is completed with maximum efficiency. 

Get ready for your next project with our convenient pack sizes 25 kg kit, 5 kg kit and 1.25 kg kit.

If you're after a larger kit size or bulk qty's please contact us today for a special quote 

BioCarbon Content

Recycled Bio Carbon content of our Compset 421 Universal System Epoxy is 12%

What can I use this for?

Our Compset 421 Universal Resin 12% BioCarbon is a high performance infusion and hand laminating system.

Great for:

  • Specialised carbon fibre work
  • High performance composite parts
  • Boating/marine
  • + more

We recommend an intermediate to advance epoxy resin users for this system.

Our Kit Sizes

Compset 421 Universal 12% BioCarbon System is available in the following sizes

20 kg Resin: includes 1 x Compset Universal B175 Resin 20kg & 1 x Compset 421 Hardener 5kg (our 25 kg kit)

4 kg Resin: includes 1 x Compset Universal B175 Resin 4kg & 1 x Compset 421 Hardener 1kg (our 5 kg kit)

1 kg Resin: includes 1 x Compset Universal B175 Resin 1kg & 1 x Compset 421 Hardener 250 grams. (our 1.25 kg kit)

Please select your resin size and we will send you the matching size hardener in your selected grade.

Our High Performance Grades

Our Compset 421 Universal System is available in the following grades:

LH86 Slow: popular for hand laminating. Low mixed viscosity and long working time for wetting out heavyweight fabrics and complex shapes. Excellent ambient cured properties.

LH85 Standard: popular for hand laminating.

FH84 Fast: Accelerating the process of both hand laminating and infusion or solely for fast curing applications. Can be blended at any ratio with LH86 Slow or Infuse RIH43 before adding 4 parts of Compset Universal B175 Resin to 1 part of the combined hardener mixture.

Infuse RIH43: Used for vacuum infusion processes. Low surface tension and fast flow enable safe wet out of composite structure via capillary action. High mechanical properties can be obtained from both ambient and moderate 60°C.

Mix Ratio

Our Compset Universal 421 Universal System mix ratio is:

4 Parts : 1 part

4 parts of Compset Universal B175 Resin to 1 part of Compset 421 Hardener by weight

Additional application information can be found on our Technical Page by clicking here

Technical Data

Our Safety Data Sheets for our Compset 421 Universal Resin 12% BioCarbon:

For further technical information on our Comspet Universal B175 High Performance system, please visit our Compset Universal B175 system Technical page by clicking here


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Benefits about BioCarbon

Our Compset 421 Universal Resin 12% BIO Carbon is produced from recycled plant based material.

It's been scientifically proven to reduce our carbon footprint through the use of recycled plant-based materials like vegetable oils and by-products of bio-diesel production.

Meaning our production process on our Compset 421 Universal 12% BIOCarbon is ecologically sustainable and better for the planet.

Learn about our BioCarbon