The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Boating & FRP Products

Choosing the right product for your project might seem like a daunting task. Fear not, here at Compset we’ve got you covered from your composite, boat building and repairs, surfboards, clear casting and any adhesive tasks.

Let’s compare our composites and boat building products. In our range we have;

Compset 521 Laminating – which is an absolute favorite of boat builders for over 40 years, you can see why. Easy to use hand laminating, perfect for beginner epoxy users right through to advance users. Superb saturation of wood substrate-based epoxy laminates.

Easy 521 mix ratio which can be easily measured by weight or by volume. Available with 3 different speed curing agents, fast, standard and slow.

Compset 421 Universal System - is our high-performance epoxy system, crafted for both laminating and vacuum infusion projects. Available in 4 different curing agents for your specific project, with a universal resin. Excellent mechanical and thermal properties, containing no VOC and best of all benzyl alcohol free.

The 421 universal system is easily measured by weight and we recommend an intermediate to advance epoxy resin user for this system.  

Compset 221 BioCarbon System – our high recyclable BIO based carbon resin with a 34% Bio carbon content. This system is great for all your general FRP composite projects whilst adding the benefit of reducing your carbon footprint with each pour.

The 221 BioCarbon system has 3 available hardeners. We recommend the standard and slow grade for all your FRP composite projects. The extra slow hardener is recommended for any casting projects, due to the extra long work time.

With an easy mix ratio, we recommend beginner to advance epoxy users for this system.


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